Kevin Booth - Writing


Why you need a professional to write your content:

Employing a professional writer for your blog posts, web site and other content, ensures a positive result. By hiring an experienced online writer, you are sending your readers—those potential customers—the message that you care about quality and service. When a customer lands on your page, your professional image is enhanced by precise, persuasive content.

Blog posts. These should entertaining, dynamic and topical. A great article will grab your reader’s interest with fresh facts relevant to your community or trade sector. Keyword phrases help you score higher in your customers’ search results. Data, spelling and grammar are checked to ensure the text is flawless before publishing right on deadline. Posts can be purchased on a monthly basis (minimum two-month contract of four to twelve posts per month).

Web content. For online, print or film media, I deliver. When taking on a project, I study your brief and develop the words that will speak to your audience. Asking the pertinent questions, doing the research… that is part of the job. I keep you fully in the loop and deliver on time.

Editing and proofreading. A professional content editor is an outside eye. Your product copy deserves a further, careful polish so that your content shines for your audience. I can edit and proofread your website, brochure, guide or any text you are preparing for publication. You want copy that is persuasive yet precise, projecting an image of you and your organisation as confident and professional.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Words describe you. They bring you success. Taking the time to research and create keywords that capture your customers’ aspirations will position you higher in their searches. These are then integrated into the content and polished using professional writing skills and dynamic language that will grab your readers’ attention. Search engine optimisation (SEO) adds value to your enterprise.