Kevin Booth - Editing


Cross language barriers using translation:

Having worked in the professional translation sector since 1995, I can solve your translation needs.
Being a writer has always been my best advertisement. My writing skills ensure that your finished text will shine in English. I have the creative knowledge to know when to translate your meaning word for word, and when to adapt content slightly to suit your target audience.

Translation: Catalan into English (CAT>ENG) and Spanish into English (ESP>ENG). Having lived for years in Barcelona, I speak and write both Catalan and Spanish fluently. This has given me an insight into the diverse cultures of the Iberian peninsula and the Spanish-speaking world. I am aware of the cultural adaptation that may be required in any translation or localisation project aimed at a European or international readership.

Other language combinations. Whatever language combinations you require, I can recruit and supervise the ideal translator or translation team to meet your needs. I work regularly with professionals who translate into and out of most European languages, as well as other international languages. Tell me what you require.

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Specialisations. Since 1995, when I began translating professionally, I have developed a wide range of specialisations:

Academic and cultural:
University theses, papers for publication, research reports, documentation, qualifications, diplomas, CVs, etc.
Architectural projects, catalogues, heritage studies, histories, etc.
Operations manuals, legal, operational, business and advertising texts for airlines, etc.
Zoology, marine biology
Commercial & professional:
Online and print magazines, websites, brochures, advertising, press releases, etc.
Restaurant menus, food and beverage guides, and websites
Accounting applications, online and offline documentation, end-of-year reports
European Parliament and EU debates, decrees and directorates, websites for Spanish, regional and local government, press releases, publications and political speeches
IT & technical:
System documentation, maintenance, safety and user guides, websites, etc.
Expert’s reports for court cases and legal procedures, patent applications, medical certificates, police clearance certificates, employment, distribution and commercial contracts, etc.
Literary and artistic:
Exhibitions, books and magazines, both online and print, including proofreading
Theatre, film and television:
Subtitling for film, television and stage plays, CVs, theatre projects and catalogues
Government tourism offices, hotels and restaurants, websites, brochures and guides