Kevin Booth - Editing


The Karangahape Queen
From piss-elegant past to gritty urban present, Kevin Booth explores the Karangahape track and the tales she tells.
—Published in express community newspaper, December 2006.
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Doctor Dave, our man out West
Bush, BodyBalance, bereavement—elements in a GP’s perfect lifestyle. Kevin Booth interviews Dr Dave McKenzie of Titirangi Family Health Care.
—Published in express community newspaper, March 2007.
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Frocks rock
They’re possibly New Zealand’s most successful gay businesses, but it’s the straight dollar they’re pulling. Kevin Booth looks at dinner and drag at Finale and Caluzzi.
—Published in express community newspaper, April 2007.
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Esencia de mujer: Exploring Women’s Socio-Political Boundaries in Post-Franco Spain
—Published in: The European Connection. Essays in European Language Studies at New Zealand Universities. School of European Languages and Literatures, University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand. No 12, 2008, pp. 19-24.
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The power of the word: manifestations of power in poetry, Spain, 1936
An analysis of the symbiotic relationship of power and language in the poetry of three male poets writing in Spain in the year 1936: José María Castroviejo, “A vosotros, obreros rojos”; John Cornford, “A Letter from Aragon”; J.V.Foix, “A LA ENTRADA D’UNA ESTACIÓ SUBTERRÀNIA...”. Poems and translations printed below the article.
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The Subject: freedom
“The modern world... increasingly abounds with references to a Subject. That Subject is freedom, and the criterion of the good is the individual’s ability to control his or her actions and situation, to see and experience modes of behaviour as components in a personal life history, to see himself or herself as an actor. The Subject is an individual’s will to act and to be recognised as an actor” [Alain Touraine, Critique of Modernity. Basil Blackwell Inc., Cambridge Massachusetts, USA. 1995, 207.]
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