Kevin Booth - Editing


Professional matters

My document is sensitive. Can you guarantee confidentiality?
Confidentiality is implicit in all my professional dealings. I believe this is an integral part of the professional writer’s ethical responsibilities. So I will not divulge any information that comes into my keeping, whether provided for evaluation, as resource material, or to be translated or edited—even if you decide not to work with me. Furthermore, we can make this explicit by signing a confidentiality agreement.

How long will it take?
Each writing, editing or translation project is different, depending on your requirements and the number of people collaborating. I will include an assessment of delivery time within the initial quote.
For translations, 2000 words per day per translator is a good rule of thumb to calculate resources.

How can I be certain of the quality?
The quality of my writing guarantees my reputation. Virtually all my professional writing and translating work since 1995 has come by word-of-mouth. So you can be certain I will do my utmost to ensure a finished product of the highest quality.

How should I pay you?
You can pay me by bank transfer or through PayPal. New customers will be asked to pay in advance. Once trust is established, we can negotiate a monthly payment after presentation of an invoice.

How much will it cost?
I calculate translation and editing rates by word, or sometimes by page or hour. Each text is different, so I cannot give you a firm quote until I have seen your project.
I charge blog posts by blocks of monthly posts, with a two-month minimum of eight blog posts. This is because it is difficult to analyse a blog’s effectiveness in less time.
Other writing projects will depend on their characteristics, generally calculated at so-much per page for a lump sum of a certain number of pages, or a total based on the number of hours of work the project requires.


What’s involved in writing online copy?
This depends on what you want. You tell me your needs and I will prepare a quote, either for a one-off piece or ongoing contributions. After research and further consultation, I will deliver a well-researched, professional piece, as entertaining and informative as required. We will fine-tune the project until you are completely satisfied.

What is SEO copy?
One of the most important factors in online writing is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This means we adjust the text and hypertext to include key words and phrases that will attract relevant readers to your site, as well as other techniques to help you appear higher up in rankings without sacrificing writing quality.

What’s involved in writing my blog?
Your blog should be a tool that adds value and interest to your corporate profile, attracting relevant professionals and potential customers to you. First we talk about what you require. Then I do the research and come up with an outline.
I charge blog posts by blocks of monthly posts, with a two-month minimum of eight blog posts. This is because it is difficult to analyse a blog’s effectiveness in less time.
When a new blog post appears, it can be supported by updates on Twitter, Facebook and other social media.

Tell me more about your areas of expertise.
Topics I enjoy writing about are: art, architecture, performance, wine, cuisine and other cultural areas, including the latest trends in urban living, tourism, travel, leisure activities and literature—in short, a wide range within the broad spectrum of the humanities. I have written on multicultural themes, history, social and sports events for specific communities, plus many areas of scientific interest such as cosmetics, environmental science and zoology. To see my writing, look at the samples in my portfolio, or go to my blog on free art in Barcelona,

What’s involved in writing my memoir?
You want to tell your life in your own words, as richly as you have lived it. Through consultation we will define the specifics of scope, perspective and price. For example, are you writing a personal account to bequeath to loved ones, a record of your business achievements, or the chronicle of a particular part of history you have experienced? An intensive stage of research and interviewing ensues, followed by the writing. Each stage of the process will be budgeted, including travel and other expenses. You are involved in consultation at all stages of the process.


Could you tell me what sort of editing my text needs?
Send me your text and I will provide you an obligation-free quote describing the editing your project requires. Depending on the text’s characteristics, this could mean proofreading, mechanical or developmental editing, or a blend of all three. For longer (book-length) projects, I will provide an assessment report plus a 3-page sample edit, detailing the needs of your project.
I do not normally accept editing projects written by non-native speakers unless you have an extremely high level of English. You should submit the text in your native language and we will deal with it as a translation project, or translation and editing combined.

What is the difference between proofreading, stylistic and developmental editing?
Mechanical editing or proofreading concentrates on the mechanical features of the text, such as spelling, punctuation and the odd grammar correction, plus missing or redundant words. Texts requiring an edit of this nature are highly polished, professional writing which will benefit from an editor’s eye before going into layout for publication.
Stylistic editing, in addition to the above, requires more shaping of the text, paying special attention to features like the voice and choice of vocabulary, word order, modification to sentence or paragraph structure, plus anything else that may affect the smooth flow of the piece.
A developmental or substantive literary edit looks deeper at the author’s artistic choices in relation to character, plot, structure, narrative voice and so on. The editor may suggest that sections, or whole chapters are reworked, the beginning or ending changed, redundant sections deleted, or further explanations required. This level of editing may be quite challenging for the writer, but is essential to ensure the text achieves an acceptable degree of quality before being submitted to a professional literary agent or publishing house.


What is the difference between translation and interpreting?
Translators work with the written word while interpreters deal with the spoken word. I am principally a translator, though I can recommend qualified and experienced interpreters should you need them.

What sort of English, UK or US?
You tell me who your target readers are: US teenagers? UK senior citizens? A convention of Australian businesspeople? An Internet-savvy general readership? I will tailor the language to suit them, so your message reaches its audience.

What other languages can you translate?
I have a wide portfolio of experienced translators available to deliver a high-quality translation within the deadline. I can arrange to translate into and out of many languages, including Spanish [ES], Valencian-Catalan [CA], French [FR], Portuguese [PT], Italian [IT], German [DE], Dutch [NL], Basque [EU], Galician [GL] and many more.