Kevin Booth - Editing


Give your novel the professional boost it deserves to reach your readers:

It has been a long, hard road to bring your work to this stage: finished! Now take it to the next… using a professional fiction editor.

Whether your passion as a writer is science fiction, fantasy, romance, erotica or literary fiction, you owe it to yourself to have another pair of professional eyes spot the oversights. An experienced fiction editor can catch these before you approach agents and publishers, or go on to self-publish.

When we write, we do so with passion, telling stories that swell from our hearts. Because of this, each time we read the words we have written, our hearts and minds fill in gaps and correct errors that our racing fingers have overlooked. Yet this means that, however carefully you edit your own manuscript, another reader will see it in all its rawness. Don’t take the chance. When others read your text, you want them to feel your passion, not be jolted and jarred by spelling errors, silly mistakes, or turned away by worse problems.

A fresh, professional viewpoint can alert you to themes that need developing, areas in which you need to clarify, sections where you may be overstressing, indulging in unnecessary repetition, or have edited out that crucial plot point from too many readings. If you want to move to the next level of professionalism, you owe it to your artistic talent to hire a professional fiction editor.

Before you submit your final project to me, check it over carefully for spelling and other errors. Print it out on paper and read through your work slowly, being as objective as possible. That way you will not be paying me to correct elements that you can fix yourself.

I offer these services:
1. Copy editing
2. Line editing
3. Developmental critique of your manuscript
4. Submission package (critique and edit of query letter and synopsis)
5. Proofreading of final layout (normally as a pdf document)
6. Contact me for information on prices and turnaround times.
All services must be paid for in advance using Paypal or by bank transfer.