Kevin Booth - Editing



Originally trained as an actor in New Zealand and Australia, I worked in educational and physical theatre in New Zealand, Australia and Spain. I ran my own theatre company in Barcelona, writing and directing plays for four years. I also acted in Catalan and Spanish films and for television.

After a decision to redirect my career towards literature, I gained a BA (Hons.) in Literature with 1st Class Honours from the Open University (United Kingdom) in 2005, and postgraduate BA (Hons.) in Comparative Literatures (Spanish, Catalan and English), also with 1st Class Honours, at the University of Auckland (New Zealand) in 2008.

Translator and editor. I began translating in 1995. In addition, my text-editing skills include manuscript assessment, content editing and proof-reading. I have an easy written style, a firm command of grammar and expertise in a broad range of specialist technical areas.

Excellent linguistic competency—a fluent speaker and writer in Spanish and Catalan—lets me fully grasp the cross-cultural pressures at work in any multilingual environment. I am comfortable in administrative, teaching and freelance roles while my experience in positions of responsibility means I can lead and inspire any team to contribute more to their organisation. My creative drive will be an asset to your organisation, providing the skills to contribute to the success of your international venture.

Writer. My public writings as a journalist, blogger and fiction writer since 2006 are the public expression of a passion I have explored since childhood. I currently have two novels awaiting publication and maintain the blog, which offers information on art around Barcelona that is free for anyone to see.

Teacher. My training in the professional performing arts has given me a confident teaching and public-speaking manner as well as a firm understanding of the foundations of both non-verbal and spoken communication. I have taught all ages, from children to adults, in subjects such as English pronunciation for non-native speakers, theatrical improvisation, voice, acting technique, movement for actors and other theatre skills.

Using acting and voice techniques allied to my knowledge of phonology (DTEFLA RSA diploma, 1995), I help non-native speakers achieve correct English pronunciation and intonation. I designed the course “Active Pronunciation©” for the University of Auckland in 2007. Through this course, I work on pronunciation with speakers of Spanish (Spain and Latin America), Catalan, Portuguese, Romanian, Croat, French, German (German and Swiss), Russian, Arabic, Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin), Japanese, Korean, Samoan and many other languages.